eReturn online tax returns

eReturn Online Income Tax Services:

eReturn is a tax service offered to you by tax agent George Henderson (Tax Agent Number 3501-3000), owner and senior accountant at G Henderson & Co. The information collected from you through eReturn is checked and processed by qualified accountants at G Henderson & Co.

The eReturn interview process and help information has been published on the internet as a guide for our clients to accurately prepare their online tax return for qualified accountants at G Henderson & Co to lodge with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). By submitting your questionnaire, you acknowledge that you remain ultimately responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and completion of all information provided to complete your tax return.

eReturn assures you that all information received from you is kept private and confidential. All information provided by you will only be used to prepare and lodge your online tax return with the ATO and to better the income tax service provided by eReturn.

Your eReturn account is password protected so that you, and only you, will have access to this information. eReturn strongly recommends that you do not share your user name and password with anyone as you are ultimately responsible for all use of your account under your user name and password.

Neither eReturn, its employees, servants, agents, licensors or third party suppliers guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or content of any information, service or product provided through eReturn, that eReturn is completely free of errors, or that the desired or expected results will be obtained through using the eReturn tax service.

No authorization to access, download or copy any portion of eReturn source code, or any information about other users of the eReturn service is intended, and is legally denied.


When you use eReturn you can rest assured that your personal details and credit card details are protected against unauthorized access.

We use a comprehensive range of procedures, controls and technology to safeguard your personal details, including restrictions on employee access to customer data, secure locations for our computers and servers and  sophisticated encryption technology to protect information being sent to and from us over the internet.

Your online tax return information is sent to us through a "secure session" established with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology encrypts or scrambles your personal information before it is sent to us, preventing anything from being read by anyone not authorized.

Similarly, if we process your tax return and we need to send your information to another party, eg. when we send any credit card details to a bank, we use the same secure encryption technology.